Buying Antibacterial Fabric Masks: Are 3 or 5-layer Face Masks The Best?

When one-time-use medical face masks are in shortage due to the tremendous effects of the COVID pandemic, people are turning to the use of antibacterial fabric face masks, which can be conveniently reused many times.

However, as the market is flooded with a huge number of models and brands, many people have to wonder: “Which products should I buy? Is a 3-layer or 5-layer antibacterial fabric face mask better?”.

Let Dony tell you the answer in this article!

+ Reasons Why You Should Choose To Use Dony Mask

Why do antibacterial fabric face masks have multiple layers?

Unlike single-use medical face masks that come with only one layer, antibacterial fabric face masks have multiple layers (often 3 or 5) with various functions.

Because they are intended for use both in and out of medical environments, these face masks should have different layers to be resistant to not only viruses, bacteria, germs but also water, fume, dust, and other harmful factors.

Also, they are designed to be reused after wash, so they need to have several protective layers to preserve the antimicrobial and filter layers.

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Are 3 or 5-layer face masks the best?

Well, at this point, perhaps most people will think that the more layers a face mask has, the better it can protect its users. This sounds right because more layers mean more airborne stuffs are blocked and filtered before the air reaches your lungs.

However, do not forget that thicker face masks are likely to be less ventilated and will make you harder to breathe. Particularly in the summer and in closed spaces, you may feel extremely uncomfortable, tired, and hot when wearing a thick face mask.

Therefore, the most important thing that determines the quality of a face mask should not be the number but the performance of its plies.

In fact, most well-made face masks should have only three layers to deliver enough protection yet still allow air circulation. A face mask does not necessarily come with 5 thick plies to remove unhealthy factors, and such a high density of protective layers will surely result in some difficulties for you to breathe.

Furthermore, in spite of the differences in materials, a 5-layer face mask is prone to take a longer time to dry after a wash in comparison with a 3-layer face mask.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that a 5-layer face mask is always inferior to a random 3-layer face mask. The majority of top choices are 3-layer models, but many 4 or 5-layer face masks are highly appreciative, too.

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The benefits of Dony 3-layer antibacterial fabric face mask

A premium Dony antibacterial fabric face mask always consists of 3 plies:

  • The first one is the 100% waterproof layer. No water or other droplets (human fluids such as saliva or rheum) can penetrate this layer, ensuring the highest protection against infectious diseases transmitted by talking with patients.
  • The second one is to filter microbes and super-fine dust. However, this second ply comprises three uniform layers so that even after you wash the face mask for 30 – 60 times, the middle layer can still maintain its excellent ability to fight against ultra-micro dust and bacteria.
  • The last one is the antibacterial ply to prevent microbes from growing, especially those from your own saliva and rheum. You can find that the face mask will hardly become stinky like other conventional products.

We make all of these three layers complying with the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, creating a high-class antibacterial fabric face mask that can protect both the users and the community.

Wearing Dony antibacterial fabric face mask helps you breathe the purest and safest air without any risk or trouble. The parameter of breathing resistance in Dony antibacterial fabric face masks is rated at 1.8 mmH2O. This is an excellent level, which proves that face mask wearers can breathe just like normal.

The UV-resistance level of our face masks is 99.95%, which is equal to that of premium sunscreen lotions. Hence, you are protected from the sun and other UV sources as well.

Additionally, you can reuse a Dony face mask for longer than any model in the present market. It is reusable for up to 60 times without deterioration in performance.

Maximum protection and ease of breath are what Dony antibacterial fabric face masks boast and promise to offer users!

Final Words

Bear in mind that, above all, the construction quality of a face mask determines your safety level, not its layer count. Only trust health protection products that are fully certificated by reputable organizations like Dony antibacterial fabric face masks.

With the certifications from FDA, CE (Conformité Européenne), (TUV Reach), INTERTEK, ISO 9001:2015, and many more, we dare to insist that our products will never let you down.

If you want to make wholesale orders on antibacterial fabric face masks that are sure to safeguard users from microbes, bacteria, viruses, dust, and UV, come to Dony – we are both manufacturer and direct supplier with a large number of export factories!

DONY Garment Company

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