N144 wholesale face masks antibacterial manufacturer for Netherlands

Dutch consortium begins production of millions of medical face masks for healthcare professionals in the Netherlands | DSM
Consortium of AFPRO Filters, Auping and DSM has begun large-scale production of FFP2 facemasks for healthcare workers.
Netherlands recalls hundreds of thousands of defective Chinese face masks | Euronews
Dutch authorities received 1.3 million face masks from China on March 21 but found upon inspection that "the quality of the shipment did not meet quality criteria".
New Manufacturers Jump Into Mask Making as Coronavirus Spreads – WSJ
Soaring demand for face masks is drawing entrepreneurs looking to supply the market. But first they have to line up the necessary machines and materials.
China's coronavirus supplies are being rejected — how do we ensure quality in a pandemic? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
As Spain and the Netherlands have learned, not all medical products are created equal. In a time where everyone's racing to fill supply gaps, how do you know if medical supplies do what they're supposed to?
Dutch corona mask initiative serves as interface for supply chains – Bits&Chips

World Depends on China for Face Masks But Can Country Deliver? | Voice of America – English
Phones have been ringing off the hook lately for Brian Edwards, a sales manager of a small medical supply company in California.  And he has to say “No” to all the people who called.

Edwards used to buy tens of thousands of facemasks from China. But not in the past three months.

His company, the First Choice Industrial Supply Company, has not been able to get any masks from China since the outbreak of coronavirus in late December while the demand is soaring in the U.S.

"You can’t get a product. You are not going to get a product for months.
With no shipments from China, medical mask suppliers have to choose whom to supply – CNN
Every morning, managers at Dealmed Medical Supplies meet to discuss which customers they can provide with face masks from their dwindling stock. On a recent morning, they decided a local hospital would get 10 boxes of masks fitted with N95 respirators, a total of about 200 masks. The hospital had requested 60 boxes. A request from a chain of dialysis centers also went on the "yes" pile.
Coronavirus: Netherlands recalls ′defective′ masks bought from China | News | DW | 29.03.2020
Hundreds of thousands of masks sent to Dutch hospitals have been recalled after tests showed they failed to protect the face or had defective filters. The Netherlands recently bought 1.3 million masks from China.

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