What are The Standards of A Good Antibacterial Fabric Mask?

When you buy any item to protect your health, it is critical to pick products that comply with general standards. The same rule applies to purchasing antimicrobial fabric masks.

But what are the standards of a good antimicrobial fabric mask that can protect its users from air pollutants and infectious diseases? Find out about them now and see which standards Dony antimicrobial fabric masks meet.

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Standards of a good antibacterial fabric mask

In fact, up to now, there has been no uniform international set of standards for antibacterial fabric masks in all countries. In other words, each country and territory region may have a different code of standards for these items.

For instance, when it comes to the efficiency of fabric in fighting back mildew, the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) applies the AATCC TM30 and the AATCC TM147 standards. However, the Switzerland utilizes the ISO 11721, ISO/DIS 20645, EN ISO 20645, and SN195 920.

However, as we have researched and compiled the most common standards that many developed countries use, an excellent antibacterial fabric mask should meet several standards among the following ones:

  • + ASTM F2299/F2299M-03(2017) – Standard for the initial efficiency of materials against the penetration of particulates
  • + ASTM F2101-19 – Standard for assessing the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of antibacterial materials
  • + ASTM F2100-19 – Standard specification for the performance of medical materials
  • + ASTM F1862/F1862M-17 – Standard for resistance of masks against the penetration of synthetic blood
  • + ASTM F1494-14 – Standard terminology related to protective fabrics
  • + ASTM E2149-13a – Standard for assessing the antimicrobial performance of antimicrobial agents in dynamic contact conditions
  • + ASTM E 2149 – Standard for evaluating the antimicrobial performance of immobilized antimicrobial agents in dynamic contact conditions
  • + AATCC 100 – Standard for quantitatively evaluating the antimicrobial qualities of textiles during 24 hours of contact by two criteria: bactericidal (killing bacteria) and bacteriostatic (inhibiting bacteria growth) performance.
  • + AATCC 147 – Standard for measuring the antibacterial performance of textile materials
  • + ISO/NP 18266 – Performance requirements for protective items against infective agents
  • + ISO 20743 – Standard for determining the germicide performance of finished antibacterial textile products
  • + ISO 17299-1:2014 – Determination of deodorant property
  • + EN 14126 – Standard for the protection performance of clothing against infectious agents.
  • + EN 14683:2014 European Standard specifies requirements and test methods on design, construction, and performance of antimicrobial masks to restrain the transmission of infective agents.
  • + SN 195924 – Swiss standard on determining the antibacterial performance using the germ count method
  • + JIS L1902 – Japanese standard specifies qualitative and quantitative test methods to assess the germicide performance of antibacterial textile products.
  • + CE (Conformité Européenne) certification shows that a product meets all quality and safety standards to be imported to the European market.
  • + FDA certification guarantees a product is safe enough to be introduced to the USA market.
  • + ISO 9001:2015 certification specifies the quality control process of manufacturing face masks in particular.
  • + TUV Reach – Certification shows that no toxic chemical is used in the product.

In addition to the above standards, there are still many standards else that you can encounter. Nevertheless, those are the most common and trusted standards all over the world that a good antibacterial fabric mask should meet.

We repeat here that no product is certified to comply with all of the above standards, which is also unnecessary. You have to find models that meet one or several of the above criteria in different aspects, such as containing no toxic substance for users, high effectiveness against splashing droplets, bacteria, airborne pollutants, etc.

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Extra standards of a premium antibacterial fabric mask

Apart from meeting the standards for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), splash resistance, biocompatibility, microbial cleanliness, and particle filtration efficiency, the best options should have a high score for the breathability parameter.

A good mask is not something that safeguards you very effectively but does not let you breathe. According to studies, the maximum parameter of the breathing resistance level should not exceed 2.0 mmH2O.

One more critical point is the capability to resist UV. High-grade antibacterial fabric masks must also protect human skin from 90% of the damage of sunlight and other UV sources.

What standards do Dony antibacterial fabric masks comply with?

Dony antibacterial fabric masks are high-quality products that are certified by CE, FDA, ISO 9001:2015, TUV Reach, INTERTEK, and the Vietnam authority.

Furthermore, customers can be assured that the breathing resistance parameter of our masks is 1.8 mmH2O, allowing wearers to breathe just like without a mask. And Dony masks can resist up to 99.95% of UV damage, too.

Final Words

No matter what standards are set by anybody, a high-quality antibacterial fabric mask should have comprehensive protection measures against bacteria, viruses, germs, airborne pollutants, UV, and allow wearers to breathe at ease.

Luckily, you do not have to look for such a product anywhere else since Dony antibacterial fabric masks can do all of these above things beyond your expectations.

Be assured to make wholesale purchases as our products have been certified by numerous reputed organizations and authorities as well as directly exported from our export factories to strict markets in Europe, America, Japan, China, Korea, and so on!

No intermediate cost because Dony is both manufacturer and direct supplier of high-quality Dony antibacterial fabric face masks!

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