What to Sell: Antibacterial Cloth Mask vs. Standard Cloth Mask

You are in two minds of selling anti-bacterial cloth masks or the standard cloth masks.

Then, we recommend the earlier!

Do not get us wrong; we hardly mean that a standard cloth mask is useless. People can still make DIY cloth masks from conventional fabrics to protect themselves from liquid droplets. Yet, that is all.

Airborne particles and viruses like COVID-19 can still pass through those homemade cloth masks and make people sick.

Instead, an anti-bacterial cloth mask – as its name suggests, is built with advanced technologies to filter out even the smallest bacteria. Not to mention, they are still comfortable and breathable, unlike the thick homemade cloth masks.

Scrolling down the get definite differences.

+ How To Find A Reliable Wholesale Face Mask Supplier

What Are Standard Cloth Face Masks?

Simply, these cloth masks are made with multiple layers of tightly woven cotton, or sometimes, from bandannas, T-shirts, or crafts. They are washable and reusable. More importantly, they are cheap and even can be made by yourself at home.

To some extent, it helps prevent droplets or splashes that might contain harmful bacteria or viruses from spreading. However, truth be told, standard cloth masks are even not as protective as the surgical ones.

CDC confirmed that standard cloth masks sewed from bandana or scarf are not proper personal protective equipment. They should only be last resort under a medical supply shortage and must be used with other protective gear, say, a face shield.

What About Antibacterial Cloth Face Masks?

Anti-bacterial masks’ idea is to enhance the protectiveness of the standard cloth face masks with advanced materials and design.

On the one hand, these masks are also made of multiple layers of cloth to physically protect consumers from the spread of respiratory droplets and splashes.

Even more, there is often anti-bacterial fabric among the layers to stop viruses and bacteria from penetrating.

Take Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask for Example

Excellent filtration efficiency

Dony masks feature 3 layers: the water-resistant outer layer to prevent droplets from sticking on the mask, the middle layer is to filter airborne particles. At the same time, the innermost layer is made of quality anti-bacterial fabric.

Accordingly, the mask can filter
100%-resistant against water and droplets
99.9% common bacteria
99.95% UV rays thanks to the UPF 50+ capacity


We like the most about Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask because the middle layer is still active even when you wash the mask up.

Professional production process

Many consumers worry about how a face mask is anti-bacterial when it is made by hand.

You can rest assured about Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask because the manufacturer strictly follows a standardized process from Packaging, Sterilization, and Sealing.

First off, the finished mask is carefully packed into a primary plastic bag following medical standards. Then, EO technology is used to sterilize the mask. The machine completes this step without the participation of workers. Finally, the package is entirely sealed with a super-heat technique before being delivered to the consumers.

Comfortable and breathable design

Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask is ready to wear out of the box, meaning that consumers just need to uncover the seal and use the mask. No need to wash it up beforehand.

Notably, the mask is light and comfortable to wear for a long time thanks to its elastic strap. Simply, the strap is extendable to 270% to fit around your face without causing pains.

Besides, the innermost layer is perfectly cool to your face. The respiratory resistance is less than 9mm H2O to ensure breathability.

Verified and Trusted by International Certifications

If you still wonder about the quality of Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask, please note that this mask meets almost all certifications of a face mask, such as the FDA certification of the U.S market, CE certification of European countries, ISO 9001:2015, the global INTERTEK certification, etc.

For that reason, Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask is exported outside Vietnam.

Do You Want to Become a Partner/Agency of Dony?

The quality of Dony anti-bacterial cloth masks is a no brainer.

And good to know that Dony is opening a corporation opportunity with business worldwide to provide cloth masks to those who need them.

Are you interested in becoming their exclusive distributor? – If yes, then please take notes of some incentives Favorable prices and production prioritization for wholesalers;
Exclusive protection polity for Dony’s distributing agencies;
Transfer of existing customers in the distributing locations;
FREE samples according to the requirements of customers, along with quality certifications;
A helping hand in PR and marketing activities in domestic and international sales channels, etc.

DONY Garment Company

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